Hi everyone,

We just got off the phone with Jonnie Beddingfield who is our site contact along with her husband Ellis. For our service, we will be working in a soup kitchen in the morning and at the Frazee Dream Center where we will be making kids meals and tutoring them. She said that everyone fights to work with this afterschool program, so we are very lucky to be volunteering with them for the week!

ASB Love,

Chris and Daryl

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Registration THIS SUNDAY

Hey everyone,

Daryl and I are really excited for trip registration day!!! Make sure you wake up early on Sunday and register for ASB at 8 AM. Go to the CSC website at http://www.bu.edu/csc and there will be a link to register for trips. You will have to put a deposit of $175 down to reserve your spot. We know you will all make the right decision and pick Greenville 😉

Good luck!!

ASB Love,

Chris and Daryl

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Yeah 3X (Greenville Remix)!

Yo everybody! Daryl and I have a lot of things to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving break

Last week we got great news! We finally got in contact with Ellis Beddingfield who we will be working with during our week of service and we are all set for our week of service and for shelter for the whole week!! We will most likely be working in a soup kitchen preparing and passing out meals or painting houses in the morning and for the afternoon we will be volunteering at the Frazee Dream Center working with kids in an afterschool program! He is still figuring out which of the two churches (see we even have options!) we will actually be staying at for the week. YEAH!

Part Deux: We will graciously be hosted by Dean Elmore’s kind and lovely parents for dinner on Friday night of our trip! They offered to have us for dinner and host us overnight! YEAH!

Last, but not least, we are working on compiling more information about our trip, service issue area and cool things to do around Greenville. We’ll be posting all of that info here in the next couple of months leading up to our trip! YEAH!

Hope you all had a wonderful break and are motivated to tackle the rest of your semester!

I’ve had Yeah 3X by Chris Brown stuck in my head all of break and it’s been getting me through a lot of work–hopefully it will do the same for you!



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And the co-bros are…

After waiting soooo long…here are your coordinators for the 2011 Greenville, SC Trip!

Hey everyone! My name is Chris Wilcox and I’m a junior in COM majoring in Public relations and minoring in African studies. I would love to combine those two interests and do cause-related marketing or social marketing focusing on partnerships with non-profits in Africa. I’m originally from Bellingham, MA, about 30 minutes outside of Boston. At BU, I’m really involved in the Admissions Office and the Public Relations Student Society of America. Coffee, froyo and my Blackberry are my favorite things. Right now, I can’t stop listening to Ratatat, Passion Pit and dubstep with a little cheesy pop music in between. I’m really excited to work with Central Community Ministries for Alternative Spring Break 2011 and I hope you are too!

My name is Daryl Bosco, I am a senior in the School of Management at Boston University. I am a resident assistant in south campus and I am in the professional fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. I’m originally from Plymouth, NH and my favorite season is Autumn and there is nothing I love more than just walking around outside with great friends talking about whatever comes to mind. At heart I’m a huge video game nerd and could easily spend an entire day just playing a great game. I am also a huge Boston Bruins fan and a big fan of mixed martial arts. Despite my love for both Hockey and MMA I only play intramural floor hockey and broomball, but I really enjoy both. In general I just really enjoy having fun and try not to take life too seriously, even though I do enjoy really deep conversations.

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Coordinators revealed soon!

Every monumental release needs a little teaser. Hope you’re all getting excited for the unveiling of the 2011 Coordinators for the Greenville, SC trip!  Check back in less than 24 hours to check back and see who the awesome co-cos are!


Peace, Love and ASB

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